Gear up for the World Cup

With the world gearing up for the 2022 World Cup later this year it’s time to get stocked up on some fantastic football products- get ready to represent! Fans from all around the world will be supporting their teams in full force, whether you’re supporting your home country's team or simply a team that's close to your heart. 


Here at Rysons we have some fantastic wholesale football merchandise readily available to you:




This Magnetic Car Flag is perfect for those of us who want to proudly display our England flag for everyone to see. It’s no fuss application method means anyone can stick this on their car or vehicle- simply place it on!


These England Fans Hands are really fun to use to get the crowd (or everyone sitting on your sofa at home) going & really in the football spirit. 


Throw a fantastic World Cup England themed party and add some lovely touches with these England Napkins that look great! 


Pump up the excitement and relive past years events with this England’s Road to Rio DVD! Have fun with the whole family by reliving the rollercoaster ride of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil!


Wave this cute Mini Union Jack Flag about with pride and ease or simply stick it in our Mini Flag Holder to display the flag to show your support. 


Have heaps of fun trying to collect all of the World Cup Stickers available! Kids can search high and low to try to get a complete set and be the envy of all their friends. 


Other countries:


Maybe your loyalties lie elsewhere and England isn’t the team for you or maybe you don’t have any specific loyalties to any team. 


Support the German team in a classy way with this Small Metal Badge of the German Flag! This badge is perfect to place on jackets, bags, pencil cases and more.


These Patriotic Clip Strip Glasses in two fantastic different designs look fabulous on and make for great fun at parties as well! 


We have an assortment of mini flags from various other countries available, these countries include: China, Japan, Germany, India and Australia- see our mini flag holder, perfect for these mini flags.


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At Rysons, we’re here to help answer any more questions and ease any other worries you may have regarding buying wholesale World Cup & football items. Our team is on hand to answer your calls at +44 (0) 161 387 7214.