The Ultimate Guide to Wholesale Travel Items with Rysons: Smart and Affordable Essentials for Jetsetters

Holidays are on the horizon so get ready to have the best travel experience possible with the help of Rysons. No matter your travel expertise, these smart, affordable essentials will help to make your journey and trip more convenient & enjoyable. Whether you're a travelling novice or have travelled the world, these items will always come in handy. 

When you shop with us at Rysons you can be comfortable knowing you’re getting affordable, high-quality travel products. 



Before you can start to get excited over your trip, you will first need to save up for it and prepare! 



Being comfortable is essential whilst travelling, whether it’s by car, boat, plane or any other vehicle. Our travel range is great, including:

  • Travel pillows: Long journeys can be tiring, but with travel pillows you're able to relax anywhere you want via their great head & neck support.
  • Sunglasses: Keep the blair out of your eyes with our fantastic sunglasses range! 
  • Ear plugs: These noise-reducing ear plugs are fantastic for travelling and can comfortably be worn for long periods of time! A case is included for hygiene & convenience! 
  • Eye masks: This fantastic eye mask has cooling gel to help soothe tired eyes, relax the skin & muscles around the eyes, temple & forehead- helps with headaches, tension & fatigue.
  • Anti-nausea: these one size fits all wristbands are fantastic for providing relief from nausea! 



Packing properly and being prepared for your trip is so important to ensure a smooth travel experience! Make sure you have everything you need well in advance for a hassle-free trip!

  • Liquid travel kit: When flying by aeroplane you are unable to take toiletries with a capacity over 100ml. These smaller bottles are convenient and make room for more items. 
  • Backpacks: bags are essential whilst travelling to hold all our important documents, snacks and travel essentials! This backpack for children is perfect, with loads of space to store all their holiday memories & trinkets!
  • Storage bags: Do you have trouble with keeping your packing to a minimal? This vacuum storage bag reduces the original volume by 80%!
  • Suit bags: Keep your suits crease-free and ready to be worn with these fantastic suit bags great for whilst travelling!
  • Bum Bags: This item of clothing is a holiday must-have! Keep all your essentials such as money, keys and your phone easily & securely stored in this waterproof bag! Going on a day trip? Bum bag! Going to the beach? Bum bag! Going on a hike? Bum bag!



Items such as locks and tags are so important for the well-being of your belongings and help to make your holiday more enjoyable! 

  • Combination Locks: have the comfort of knowing your luggage is safe and secure without the added stress of an extra set of keys!
  • Luggage straps: the strong strap secures luggage whilst travelling and makes identifying luggage much easier! Plus the luggage tag is great for when you want lost luggage returned!
  • Luggage Tags: these are fantastic for helping identify luggage whilst also preventing loss!
  • Mini telescopic umbrella: it is light & small, easily fitting into any bag or pocket, great for keeping with you whilst on the go!



From pill organisers to mosquito repellant and more stay safe whilst you’re away! Competently manage health issues, fight the spread of germs and the attack of mosquitos! 

  • Mosquito Repellent: Easy to use, this slow release citronella scented repellent with no deet can simply be hung up to capture the pests!
  • Travel toothbrushes: This toothbrush set is perfect for travel with the hygienic and convenient cases perfect for travelling. 
  • Hand sanitizers: This is a holiday and travel essential, especially when going through places such as airports where there’s so many stories. 
  • Pill Organisers: Easily keep track of your medical needs with these pill boxes!
  • Waterproof Plasters: These flexible, durable and breathable plasters are great for taking on holiday, especially if you’re taking a trip with little ones- it’s always better to prepare! 


Electronics & gadgets

Pack electronics such as adaptors so you’re able to use electricity in other countries and listen to your favourite song or podcast with our great headphones!

  • Adaptors: There are many types of power outlets in many different countries, so make sure you have the correct one. 
  • Headphones: these stylish, wireless bluetooth headphones, available in an assortment of colours, with a built in microphone are the perfect choice for audio listening!
  • Earphones: with a length of 1.2m, comfy earbuds and availability in white & black these are a fantastic option for audio listening! 
  • iPhone fan: this fantastic lightweight gadget can be easily attached to iphone or ipads to provide a cool breeze in the hot weather. 



It’s essential to pack some form of entertainment to help with any long journeys or for something to do during your downtime, readily available! 

  • Playing cards: Play these whilst on the way to the airport, whilst waiting, on the plane, by the pool and more! Never be bored again with these fantastic playing cards!


If you’re looking for cost-effective, practical ways of stocking up with the travel essentials for the most comfortable and stress-free trip we have so many great things to help. From luggage accessories to electronics and more we have a great deal of items suited to all types of travellers! When you buy these items in bulk you save time, money and more so browse our fantastic items now for the perfect wholesale travel must-haves!

Here at Rysons we have a vast range of wholesale travel products available for you to acquire at wholesale prices! Speak to a member of our team to help answer any questions and ease any worries you might have regarding buying wholesale. Our team is on hand to answer your calls at +44 (0) 161 387 7214.